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JSCES awards are given to those members who have contributed to level up the standard of research and technology in the field of computational engineering and science. The awards include the JSCES Grand Prize, the JSCES Achievement Award, the Kawai Medal, the Shoji Medal, the Technology Prize, the Outstanding Paper Award, the Young Researcher Paper Award, and the PhD Thesis Award. The JSCES Grand Prize is the highest award among them and is given to the indivisual for his/her outstanding global contributions in the fields of computational engineering and science.The JSCES Achievement Award are given to the indivisuals who made meaningful contributions in the field of computational engineering and science. The Kawai Medal, honoring the late Prof. Tadahiko Kawai, the first president of the JSCES, is commended to young researchers under 50 years old who have made outstanding achievements in the field of computational engineering and science. The Shoji Medal, honoring Dr. Mikio Shoji, the second president of the JSCES, is commended to the members who have contributed to the development of computational engineering and science in industrial field. The Technology Prize is given to the members who have developed an outstanding thchnology in the field of computational engineering and science. The Outstanding Paper Award is given to the authors who wrote an outstanding paper in the transactions of the JSCES. The Young Researcher Paper Award is given to the members (including student members) who are under 40 years old. The PhD Thesis Award is given to the student member who wrote an outstanding PhD Thesis in the field.

As a result of strict examination by the JSCES Awards Committee, the indivusuals named below were commended for their achievements at the JSCES general assembly meeting which was held on May 19th, 2017. 

List of recipients of the Awards in 2016

The JSCES Grand Prize

Charbel Farhat (Stanford University)

The JSCES Achievement Award

Yutaka TOI (The University of Tokyo)
Ryutaro HIMENO (RIKEN, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)

The Kawai Medal

Ryuji SHIOYA (Toyo University)

The Shoji Medal


The Outstanding Paper Award

Takuya MATSUNAGA,Kazuya SHIBATA,Kohei MUROTANI, Seiichi KOSHIZUKA (The University of Tokyo)
"Fluid flow simulation using MPS method with mirror particle boundary representation" (Transactions of JSCES, Paper No.20160002)
Yuichi SHINTAKU (Tsukuba University)
"Cohesive-force embedded damage model and its application to crack propagation analyses" (Transactions of JSCES, Paper No.20160011)

The Technology Prize

Masaru TATEISHI (TechnoStar Co., Ltd.)

The Young Researcher Paper Award

Masao OGINO (Nagoya University)
"Performance Evaluation of Interactive Methods for Complex Symmetric Systems from Hight Frequency Electromagnetic Field Simulation" (Transactions of JSCES, Paper No.20140017)
Xi CHEN (Yokohama National University)
"Development of Structural Analysis Method with Uncertainty in Shape to Follow Non-noramal Distribution by Stochastic Finite Element Method" (Transactions of JSCES, Paper No.20160019)

The JSCES Merit Award

Atsushi KIKUCHI (Numerical Analysis Development Co., Ltd)
The PhD Thesis Award

The PhD Thesis Award:Group shot of some JSCES's Board Members and recipients of the Honorary Award, the Fellowship Award, the JSCES Achievement Award, Kawai Medal, Shoji Medal, Technology Prize, Outstanding Paper Award and Young Researcher Paper Award.