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  • 日本計算工学論文集

From the presidentFrom the president

Takahiro Yamada (The 12th president of JSCES)

The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science (JSCES) was established in 1995 after the third World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM III) in Chiba, Japan in 1994, and honored to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2015. It has been acknowledged at home and abroad as an exclusive academic society in Japan to pursue further development/progress of computational engineering and science. This society was officially registered as a general incorporated association of Japan in 2010. Under the articles of incorporations, various regulations were established and the code of ethics was constituted. At present, the JSCES has 1085 individual members and 82 corporate members. The individual members come from 60% of universities and research institutes and 40% of industries.

The JSCES renewed the Executive Council in May 2018 after the elections, which is formed by the following members (two-year term in the JSCES's bylaws): T. Yamada(Yokohama NU, President), M. Fujisaki(Fujitsu, Vice-President), K. Yuge(Seikei U, Vice-President), J. Matsumoto(AIST, Secretary General), S.Fujikawa(Mazda), S. Hagihara(Saga U), H. Hasegawa(Shibaura IT), D. Isobe (Tsukuba U), J. Kato(Nagoya U), H. Miyachi(Tokyo City U), K. Nagano(Mizuho IR), T. Nagashima(Sophia U), S. Nishiwaki(Kyoto U.), S. Okazawa(Yamanashi U), M. Sakuraba(Nippon Koei), H. Sakurai(Shimizu), R. Shioya(Toyo U), M. Takagaki(RTRI), N. Yamasaki(NSSMC), H. Watanabe(MSC), K. Terada (Tohoku U, inspector), Y. Umezu (JSOL, inspector)

The JSCES has hosted annual conferences every year, each of which constantly collects about 350 papers and presented in more than 30 minisymposia. Also, Transactions of JSCES have been published on the website ( since 1997, as an academic journal collecting valuable papers in the field of computational engineering and science. Moreover, quarterly journal "Keisankougaku" is delivered to the members for 4 times per year to transfer the topics and news.

The JSCES has also carried out many other activities to promote the computational engineering and science. For example, Short Courses, Summer Camp and Seminars are regularly provided. The Research Committee of JSCES operates Study Groups for HQC (High Quality Computing), PSE (Problem Solving Environment), Hypercomplex Disaster Simulation, Modeling and Simulation Methods of Uncertainties, Benchmarks, Education of Computational Mechanics, Development of Model Base of Automobile Structures to exchange information among the members and cooperation between academia and industries.

The JSCES will host the 3rd International Conference on Computational Engineering and Science for Safety and Environmental Problems (COMPSAFE2020) with JACM (Japan Association for Computational Mechanics) during 8-11 March 2020 in Kobe, where the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake had attacked in 1995. This conference series is an APACM Thematic Conference and an IACM Special Interest Conference. The first COMPSAFE held on 13-16 April 2014 in Sendai was also hosted by the JSCES and JACM. Moreover, the JSCES and JACM will host the 15th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XV) jointly organized with the 8th Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM VIII) in Yokohama during 2022. In this manner, the JSCES will continuously support the IACM.

Takahiro Yamada (The 12th president of JSCES)Takahiro Yamada
Takahiro Yamada obtained his PhD in mathematical science from The University of Tokyo in 1991. Dr. Yamada has been appointed as a member in the General Council of IACM since 2010. The research interest is development and assessment of finite element schemes. He is a professor of graduate school of information and environment sciences, Yokohama National University.